Wrong Decision

Who knows what kind of future that we will have is. No one knows, well except those people with “god-given” ability to know their or someone else’s. But, this quite day makes me think of something. Yeah, I thought that I made one wrong decision, and it’s about my decision to choose SMAN 3 Bogor as my school. Well It’s not about the school. It’s about how my life in school is. Of course, the education in my school is cannot be disputable anymore. But, I never thought that my life in school would be this suck ! I can’t find my own real happiness. I have to look for it so damn hard. My life just go on day by day. But I can’t feel that I’m comfortable. I just can put a fake smile on my face. Fake laugh. Fake happiness. Fake love. Fake friend. Wth is happening with me? I’ve tried so hard to be nice, to make other people smile because of me. But, they didn’t feel grateful at all. Conversely, they’re evil to me. But I still try to be nice with people around me. My parents taught me to be nice to other people although they’re evil, to not hurt other people’s heart. I do it until now. But I don’t feel it from them. They just kind if they can take many benefits from me. The worst thing is, I have to be distant friend with my best friend. Spending time with my bestfriends is the most exciting time. I also cannot make good scores in my school. I cannot make my parents happy. I hope that God will answer my prayer as soon as He can accept.

“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.” ~ Keri Russell


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