There are so many resolutions in 2011 that I couldn’t achieve. Well I think this year is the right time to make it comes true. I met many awh-sum people this year. I get science class in school. I have the best buddies. I have cool parents who always support me though I make them disappointed. No matter what 2011 been an amazing year for me. This year I’m gonna be 17! YEAH! I hope my school grades get better and better every semester.

By the way, I made cupcakes for celebrating New Year’s Eve last night. Here they are..

Cupcakes By Kinan & Zahras
Me (left) and Zahras (right) took random photo

Well, this is the first time for me making this cupcakes and I’m so exited! Thanks to Zahras who asks me to help her and get new experience in baking and making. I also hope that I can be like at least people in Junior Masterchef or even Masterchef hehe :p I wish I can master my skill in Classical Piano too! There’s no way I can’t love it! Ahh if I had to write all of my wishes here, I don’t even know when it will last. Cherish every single moment in life doing what you like and with people whom you love. Once again, Happy New Year 2012!!


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