On My Way To Another Story

I decided something at the moment. Big decision. Big Step. For a new hope. New story. New love. New adventure.

I’m gonna move on.

Hard to do. Easy to say.

Sometimes you have to lose the one you loved to get a happy life. Loving someone is not easy. You’re not always happy everytime. Love can make you happy everytime you hear his/her name. But it hurts instead. Everynight I cry for the same person, same reasons, but I can’t change it. I want to be tough. But everytime I tried, I also failed. When I tried to cover it with smile, It hurts so bad inside. I wish I could tell, I wish he would feel the same. I wish my tears didn’t fall again…

source: http://true-love.in/

I don’t want a fairy tale. Because It won’t exist. I wish I could choose how I feel toward someone. I have do my best to fight for someone that I love. Patience, time, attention, feeling, mockery, and the other thing that I have sacrifice means nothing for him. I want to wait forever. But it’s impossible. I also have many responsibility for my life and my family. I wish I wouldn’t give up on him. But I had to. I couldn’t push him to love me back. Love can’t be forced. I know that it would be so hard to let go, but I have to receive the fact that he doesn’t love me. I will try to open up my heart for someone else now.

source: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/up%20the%20movie

I want to grow up with you. I want to be there everytime you need a shoulder to cry on. I want to be the reason of smile on your face. I want to be with you and support you in your hard times. I want to tell you that “I love you” everyday. I want to be your unforgettable moments. But It’s time to face the truth right? :’)

Gua Sayang Sama Lu Banget Banget Banget




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