K-Pop Fangirling

It’s been 8 years that I’m so fascinated about korean girlgroup/ boygroup things. In the 2008 the most liked group is Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, Bigbang, Shinee and 2PM (maybe there’s another but that’s all I knew at that time). Afterwards many people are so crazy about this K-pop things, followed by the new girlgroup/boygroup with fresh or sexy image. I just wanna share my opinion about the girlgroup members that I like the most for now hehe.

2NE1 (since 2009/ YG Entertainment)

  • Park Sandara (Dara)
     Born      : November 12, 1984 in Busan (South Korea)
     Position  : Vocalist, Rapper, Visual
     Height    : 1.62 m
     Instagram : @daraxxi


After School (since 2009/Pledis Entertainment)

  • Im Jin Ah (Nana)
     Born       : September 14, 1991 in Cheongju, South Korea
     Position   : Vocalist, Rapper
     Height     : 1.71 m
     Instagram  : @jin_a_nana

Miss A (since 2010/JYP Entertainment)

  •  Bae Suzy (Suzy)
     Born      : October 10, 1994 in Gwangju
     Position  : Main Vocalist, Lead Rapper and Visual
     Height    : 1.68 m
     Instagram : @skuukzky


Red Velvet (since 2014/ SM Entertainment)

  • Bae Irene (Irene)
     Born     : March 29, 1991 in Daegu, South Korea
     Position : Group Leader, Main Rapper, Main Dancer and Visual
     Height   : 1.61 m


Twice (since 2015/ JYP Entertainment)

  • Zhou Xi Yu (Tzuyu)
     Born      : June 14, 1999 in Tainan, Taiwan
     Position  : Lead Dancer and Visual
     Height    : 1.71 m

Girls’ Generation (since 2007/ SM Entertainment)


  • Im Yoona (Yoona)
    Born      : May 30, 1990 in Seoul, South Korea
    Position  : Vocalist, Lead Dancer and Visual
    Height    : 1.68 m
    Instagram : @yoona__lim


  • Stephanie Young Hwang (Tiffany)
    Born      : August 1, 1989 in San Fransisco, California, United States
    Position  : Lead Vocal
    Height    : 1.64 m
    Instagram : @xolovestephi

  • Kim Tae Yeon (Taeyeon)
    Born      : March 9, 1989 in Jeonju, South Korea
    Position  : Group Leader and Main Vocalist
    Height    : 1.57 m
    Instagram : @taeyeon_ss


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