TWICE and ONCE Fandom

I got a good feeling this early 2016 that there’s a new girlgroup that I recently just notice. Being an EXO-L is so amazing, but after hearing the information about TWICE from my friend’s sister I tried to find out every information about TWICE and what makes this group is different from the others, TWICE were formed by a contest called “SIXTEEN by JYP”. So the JYP company chose their best trainees to compete in the competition and show their talent. The score was based on the JYP decision, online voting and audience voting. Actually I think that the JYP’s comments towards the girls are so harsh. But those comments made the girls stand up stronger and better each week. The girls must through a tough challenge each week and they were so strong for me. So the competition are called “survival group”.


From the first episode the trainees were divided into two groups, Major (consists of 7 girls) and Minor (consists of 9 girls). The Major would get a treatment like a superstar but the Minor group would get treatment like a trainee. The chosen trainees are: Nayeon, Sana, Dahyun, Tzuyu, Chaeyoung, Chaeyeon, Somi, Jiwon, Momo, Eunsuh, Mina, Chaeryeong, Minyoung, Jihyo, Natty and Jungyeon. The oldest is Nayeon (1995) and the youngest is Natty (2002), but trainee with the longest training period is Jihyo (10 years). When I was still watching SIXTEEN my favorite contestants are Dahyun and Chaeyoung. They are so pretty, funny and I love their style. But the most attractive for me is Tzuyu. When I first saw her, I noticed that she’s so pretty and cute but with ordinary skill. My favorite episode is when they did the variety show camp, which made me respect JYP. I know that surely beauty and charm is a must have criteria that must be fulfilled by the trainees to finally debut and become a superstar. But he wanted the trainees to become a good person before they become a good artist. The important values of a good person is humility,  integrity, and the most important is honesty. I really agree with his criteria. He said that being good person is the best, so we don’t have to be careful if we will get caught one day (with our true character).

Finally in the last episode, the chosen TWICE members are: Nayeon, Jihyo, Dahyun, Sana, Chaeyeoung, Jungyeon, Mina with additional members are Tzuyu and Momo. I felt so bad with the eliminated trainees, I heard few of them decided to leave the company after that. I was so startled that JYP added 2 more trainees from the minor (tzuyu) and eliminated trainee (momo), that must be really irritating for the eliminated trainees. He said that he added Tzuyu because she got 1st place in online voting and he saw many good changes each week and her skill was getting better every episode. He also added Momo because of her dancing skill, which is needed for every girlgroup. Aaaand… Ta-daaaaa. Here comes the new group called TWICE by JYPE!

The exciting news is… finally TWICE has announced their fandom name via the official Instagram of TWICE: @twicetagram, it’s ONCE hahaha. I don’t know but for me it sounds weird but somehow still related to their group name.


From Left to Right: Jihyo – Momo – Sana – Mina – Nayeon – JYP (he’s the boss haha) – Tzuyu – Jungyeon (first time I saw her with long hair 😀 )  – Dahyun – Chaeyoung

Don’t forget to check out their first album! TWICE: The Story Begins




Album Track – TWICE: The Story Begins

  1. Like Ooh-Aah
  2. Must be Crazy
  3. Do It Again
  4. Going Crazy
  5. Candy Boy
  6. Truth
  7. Like a Fool

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