EXO : We are One! (All Albums Review)

Annyeong haseyo EXO – L! Finally I decided to post about EXO in my blog, although I really wanted to post since long time but I still had the feeling that I didn’t deserve to post about them since I’m still new in this fandom and still figuring out so many things about them. I just wanna tell a lil’ bit about how can i got into this fandom.

Actually I noticed EXO since their released video MAMA on April 9th 2012. I was a senior high school student back then. The members that had caught my eyes that day are Baekhyun and Sehun, because they’re so cute and had pretty face. I still didn’t know 12 names of them. They’re too many for me to remember, and I was still focusing being a SONE at that time. Then I was accepted to medical school, it really consume my ‘me time’. Since then I totally forgot about the K-Pop things and just focusing on my study to get the high grades. In late 2015 I accidentally heard a catchy and fun song in the TV, so I immediately use TrackID and found out that the song title is Growl by EXO. I couldn’t stop playing it on Youtube and followed by checking every video of them whether it’s their MVs, concert video, variety show, etc and got crazy about them everyday. Even my friends often make fun of me about being a crazy fangirl but I don’t really care hehe. So back to the topic! Now I’m gonna talk about their albums one by one, hmm.. I’m really sad because I’m an EXO-L but I don’t have any EXO album T_T, actually I really wanted to buy anything about them, since I live independently now because I live so far far away from my parents I only get enough money to live in, I don’t even dare to ask them for money. What makes me sad the most now is.. They’re going to hold concert in Indonesia on February 27th but I can’t buy the ticket because it’s really pricey 😥 Back again to the topic!

1. MAMA (2012)


(Left: EXO-K version, Right: EXO-M version)

Track List: 1. MAMA  2. What is Love  3. History  4. Angel  5. Two Moons  6. Machine

Black: EXO M   White: EXO K (source: exoplanetina.blogspot.com)

The album contains photobook, photocard (there’s a member signature behind it!) and one CD which covered by pentagon paper.

2. XOXO (2013)

Left: EXO-K (Kiss Version)  Right: EXO-M (Hug version)

I kinda confuse with this album, since it has few packages, but from the entire EXO albums, XOXO repackage is my favourite 🙂 I won’t explain because it’s complicated for me and I don’t have their album.

Track List: 1. Wolf  2. Baby Don’t Cry  3. Black Pearl  4. Don’t Go  5. Let Out The Beast  6. 3.6.5  7. Heart Attack  8. Peterpan  9. Baby  10. My Lady

Then.. The repackage version

3. Miracles In December (2013)

Left: Korean Version  Right: Chinese

Well, I don’t celebrate Christmas but I really love the song. Listening to Miracles in December reminds me of everything that made me sad, although I don’t understand the meaning of the entire lyrics :p

Track List: 1. Miracles in December  2. Christmas Day  3. The Star  4. My Turn to Cry  5. The First Snow  6. Miracles in December (Classical Orchestra Version)

4. Overdose (2014)

Left: EXO-K  Right: EXO-M

my first impression with the album cover, if you stare at it, even just for a second it made my eyes starry. I think it’s cool but really uncomfortable for me haha. The overdose single is soooo slay yeahh. My 2nd top favorite exo’s song. The MV is really coool as well. But I’m so sad that not long after that Kris and Luhan left EXO 😦

Track List: 1. Overdose  2. Moonlight  3. Thunder  4. Run  5. Love Love Love  6. Overdose (EXO Version CD Only)

5. EXODUS (2015)

The album is really great! My favorites are Call Me Baby and Exodus. They were only 10 members in the album, but after that another left again, and he’s one of my bias, Tao 😦

Track List: 1. Call Me Baby  2. Transformer  3. What If…  4. My Answer  5. EXODUS  6. El Dorado  7. Playboy  8. Hurt  9. 流星雨 (Lady Like)  10. Beautiful

if you want to watch ALL VERSION then you must watch this haha, this is crazy. This person can buy 20 albums in the same time??!

6. Love Me Right – Repackaged (2015)

s-l300 (2)

I think this album still has many songs from the exodus album, and now contains of 9 personil of EXO 🙂 (can you hear my heart torn into two?) But still I support them and proud being EXO-L !

Track List: 1. Love Me Right  2. Tender Love  3. Call Me Baby  4. Transformer  5. What If…  6. My Answer  7. EXODUS  8. El Dorado  9. Playboy  10. First Love  11. Hurt  12. 流星雨 (Lady Like)  13. Beautiful

There’s also the Love Me Right album in Romantic Universe edition, you also gotta check this out 😀

7. Sing For You – Winter Special (2015)


This is the latest EXO album for now, if I’m not mistaken. I love the track list, it’s the first time I heard Sehun sing (not rapping), the Sing For You MV is so great. I love their acting in that MV. Also there’s special track “Lightsaber” to promote Star Wars: The Force Awaken movie

Track List: 1. Unfair  2. Sing For You  3. Girl x Friend  4. On The Snow  5. Lightsaber

note: I want to thank Tina Davidsson and elfyeol Youtube Channel for the album unboxing and the explanation. I can only recommend their videos for reviewing the albums (since it’s impossible for me to do hehe). I can’t wait for EXO comeback (hopefully in 2016). Because there will be a new debuting group by SMEnt “NCT”. I  can’t wait to see the SMRookies debut this year 🙂


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