Most Popular Korean Rookies Group

There are so many girlgroup/ boygroup of KPOP debut lately. But only few of them steal the viewers heart and gain so much popularity. Whether by their visuals, the company promotion, their catchy song, or even their previous appearance on TV even before their debut. So check out!

  1. RED VELVET (August 2014) by SM Entertainment
Joy – Yeri – Irene – Seulgi – Wendy

They debut in 2014 with their single “Happiness” and “Be Natural”, in 2014 Yeri hadn’t joined Red Velvet and still part of SMRookies. Yeri started to join Red Velvet in song called “Ice Cream Cake”. Another member that picked from SMRookies are Irene, Seulgi and Wendy.

>> Red Velvet – Happiness (2014)

>>  Red Velvet feat SR14B Taeyong – Be Natural (2014)

>>  Red Velvet –  Ice Cream Cake (2015)

>>  Red Velvet – Automatic (2015)

>> Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb (2015)

>> Red Velvet – One of These Nights (2016)

2. WINNER (August 2014) by YG Entertainment

This group was first introduced by YG Reality Survival Show called “WIN: Who is The Next” after they won the show against Team B (which is known as iKON now).

>> WINNER – Empty (2014)

>>WINNER – Sentimental (2016)

3. GFriend (January 2015) by Source Music

Sowon – Umji – Yerin – Yuju – SinB – Eunha

They debut with song “Glass Bead”, then followed by their next single “Me Gustas Tu” and  in next year with “Rough”. They have kind of music that sounds young, fresh and catchy.

>> GFriend – Glass Bead (2015)

>>  GFriend – Me Gustas Tu (2015)

>> GFriend – Rough (2016)

4. MONSTA X (May 2015) by Starship Entertainment

Consists of 7 members which formed by survival show called “NO MERCY”, the genre is hip hop. Their debut song is “Trespass” and then followed by the other singles “Rush” and “The Clan”.

>> MONSTA X – Trespass (2015)

MONSTA X – Hero Rooftop Version (2015)

5. SEVENTEEN/ SVT (May 2015) by Pledis Entertainment

Consists of 13 members separated into 3 sub units: Hip-Hop, Vocal and Performance Unit. HipHop Unit: S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon. Vocal Unit: Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, Dokyeom, Seungkwan. Performance Unit: Hoshi, Jun, The8 and Dino. They debut with song “Adore U”.



 6. APRIL (August 2015) by DSP Entertainment

Yena – Jinsol – Hyunjoo – Naeun – Chaewon

They debut with the title track “Dream Candy” with 6 members. But in November 2015, Somin left the group due to her studies. They become the next generation of Fin KL and Kara from DSP.

>> APRIL – Dream Candy

>> APRIL – Muah!

APRIL – Tinkerbell

7. DIA (September 2015) by MBK Entertainment

After the success of T-ara, MBK release another girlgroup. This group got more attention after the appearance of Chayeon and Cathy  in a show called PRODUCE 101. They debut with song title “Somehow”.

DIA – Somehow

8. iKON (September 2015) by YG Entertainment

After defeated by Team A (now known as Winner) in show called WIN: Who is Next, they can debut year after WINNER with a song called “My Type”. But they popularity is amazing as well if we compare them with their rival, WINNER.

iKON – My Type

9. TWICE (October 2015) by JYP Entertainment

TWICE was formed by survival show called SIXTEEN by JYP. This Korean-Japanese-Taiwanese group has won so many awards though they hadn’t reach one year in KPop industry. Their debut song is “Like Ooh Aah”.

>> TWICE – Like Ooh Aah (2015)

>> TWICE – Cheer Up (2016)

10. ASTRO (February 2016) by Fantagio Entertainment

Previously known as iTeen boys by Fantagio Ent, and had started their own variety show before debuting as ASTRO. They debut with song title “Hide & Seek” and already get many attention. If you’re attracted with them, you can join their fandom “AROHA” which stands for AstRO Hearts All fans.

>>ASTRO – Hide &Seek

11. COSMIC GIRLS / WSJN (February 2016) by Starship Entertaiment and Yuehua Entertainment

Whoaa I think this group has so many members in it, which are 12 members. This South Korean – Chinese girlgroup amazed everyone who first recognize this group because of their cheerful atmosphere and great performance. Besides few girls like Exy (Unpretty Rapstar 2), Dayoung (Kpop Star 1) and other girls had made appearance before debut. Cosmic Girls divided into 4 sub units: Wonder, Sweet, Joy and Natural.

>> Cosmic Girls – Mo Mo Mo

>> Cosmic Girls – Catch Me

12. NCT U (April 2016)  by SM Entertainment

Mark – Taeyong – Ten – Jaehyun – Doyoung – Taeil

NCT U members formerly known as SM Rookies Boys already had great popularity because of their company promotions. NCT U has concept of having unlimited members. For now, NCT U debut with 6 members. But later on, there will be addition of members, and they will be divided in multiple sub units in many countries worldwide to promote their songs.

> NCT U – The 7th sense

>NCT U – Without You

13. IOI (May 2016) by CJ&EM Entertainment and YMC

Doyeon – Chaeyeon – Sohye – Yoojung – Sejeong – Chungha – Somi – Mina – Pinky – Yeunjung – Nayoung

IOI formed by survival show on MNet called “Produce 101”, 11 members chosen among 101 girls from various agencies. The rank was determined by online voting and audience voting. These girls are sooo popular to be in this group. I really in love with IOI, but if you have the same feeling with me, I recommend you to not really into this group. Because next year they will be disbanded. But we have to keep supporting the girls, because someday they will debut too under their agencies. This June, Sejeong and Mina has debut with their group from Starship Entertainment called Gugudan. So IOI continue their promotion with their sub unit (without Sejeong, Mina, Yeunjung and Chaeyeon).

IOI – Dream Girls



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