EXO’s Comeback June 2016


Finally I know how it feels to wait EXO’s comeback after being a (super) late EXO – L. I’m glad that one of their single (which is “Monster”) took the fierce concept like Mama or Overdose, I miss seeing them in a cool image with impressive song. But another single, “Lucky One” also very great. Haven’t seen the MVs? Check those out first!

EXO – Lucky One (Korean Version)

EXO – Lucky One (Chinese Version)

The MVs story is quite interesting and funny haha. When first I saw the video, I don’t really get it. But when reading the comment section I can laugh (lately) because the MV’s story is lil bit nonsense. The story is about the EXO members (who we all know creatures that came from EXO planet and each of them have special powers) trapped in a planet to become a specimen of researchers in that planet. But they refuse to become one, so they are trying to get out of that lab with their own power. In the end each of them can defeat the lab officers, like Sehun and Chen by staring at the girls and suddenly they die automatically (it will be me if Sehun and Chen stared at me continually). Baekhyun and Chanyeol with fire, Lay by giving flower, Suho and Xiumin with water, and KAI? Omg, he defeat the girl by dancing? LOL. while his super power is transporter why should he dance? haha.


EXO – Monster (Korean Version)

EXO – Monster (Chinese Version)


In the monster MV, the members seem tortured by a group of something, I don’t really get it, maybe police or kinds of troops. Then they’re arrested in a truck but I don’t see baekhyun get tortured or something haha. Even he’s one of the troops, and in the end he helped the other members to escape. This song has amazing dance performance, but don’t foget that Lucky One is also amazing song. You enjoy it so much when listening to it.


EXO ” EX’ACT ” Album (Lucky One ver. and Monster ver.)

LUCKY ONE (White Version) and MONSTER (Black Version)

Track List: (1) Lucky One (2) Monster (3) Artificial Love (4) Cloud Nine (5) Heaven (6) White Noise (7) One and Only (8) They Never Know (9) Stranger (10) Lucky One Instrumental (11) Monster Instrumental

Album Unboxing Lucky One Version by Aggy Brown

Album Unboxing Monster Version by Aggy Brown

Well how do you think about their comeback? Is it just like what you expected?



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