Welcoming YG’s New Girl Group: BLACK PINK!

People (especially YG’s stan) has been so tired of the rumor and the statement from YG Entertainment about this new girl group or “The Next 2NE1” they said. Previously it is said that BLACK PINK will debut on last July, but in fact they debut on August 8th 2016. From the information that I got, YG decided to delay BLACK PINK’s debut because YG wants to challenge another girl group’s comeback. I wonder which group is that, maybe between IOI or Cosmic Girls. Lastly YG has released their MV! Daymmm I’m jolly excited after waiting since back in the day.

Jisoo – Lisa – Jennie – Rose

So many photo teasers released few days before their debut, they are so pretty and unique. I think my bias is Lisa for now hehe.


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How do you think about their MVs? Are they cool? Adore them already? Check out their profile below 🙂


Real Name  : KIM JI SOO

Stage Name   : JISOO

D.O.B   : August 21th 1995 (oldest member) in Korea

Position  : Visual, Vocal

 Pre-Debut Appearance  : (1)Epik High’s Spoiler + Happen Ending MV  (2)SooHyun – I’m Different MV  (3)LG Commercial w/ IKON  (4)Samsonite Ad w/ Lee Min Ho  (5) SMART School Uniform CF w/ IKON  (5) As cameo in KBS Drama “PRODUCER” (6) Nikon 1 J5 CF

Trainee since 2011 (5 years)

Blood Type      : A

Favorite Color : Purple

Real Name   : JENNIE KIM

Stage Name  : JENNIE

D.O.B   : January 16th, 1996 in Netherland

Position  :  Rapper, Vocal

Pre-Debut Appearance :  (1) Cameo in G-DRAGON – That XX MV (2) Featured in Lee Hi’s song “Special” and Seungri’s song “GG Be”

Trainee since 2010 (6 years)

Blood Type    : B

Favorite Color : Black

Real Name  : PARK CHAE YOUNG (English Name: Roseanne Park)

Stage Name  : ROSE

D.O.B  : February 11th 1997 in Australia

Position  : Main Vocal

Pre-Debut Appearance : Featured in GDRAGON song “Without You”

Trainee since 2012 (4 years)

Blood Type    : B

Favorite Color : Purple


Stage Name  : LISA

D.O.B   : March 27th 1997 in Thailand

Position  : Rapper. Main Dancer, Maknae

Pre-Debut Appearance : Modeled for clothing brand “NONA9ON” w/ IKON

Trainee since 2011 (5 years)

Blood Type   : O

Favorite Color : Yellow


1. Blackpink was called “Monster Rookie 2016”, they won so many rookie categories in any Korean Music Awards. 

2. When Lisa and Jisoo were still a trainee, Jisoo said that Lisa had grass-like short hair with strand on top of her head (she tied 1 strand if it’s bad day, 2 strands if it’s good day) and always carried a big bag with Thailand novel and laptop in it. While Jisoo always wore red hoodie with converse shoes. (FYI, Lisa said that Jisoo always wore the same red hoodie, and she never washed that LOL)

3. Jennie and Lisa were included in The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2016 by TC Candler 

4. Rose was ranked 1st in YG audition Australia back then in 2012, and became the YG trainee in the same year. After debut, many Korean Artists are amazed by her beautiful voice. Even in a music show called “King of Masked Singer” many people already recognized her unique and amazing voice even though her face was covered in that Circus Girl mask.


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