Rebellious NCT127 Comeback with “LIMITLESS”

Starting the 2017 with new concept, NCT 127 has managed to amaze me this time. Honestly I don’t really like their hairstyle and outfit. I still don’t really get SM concept about NCT 127, but the concept reminds me of the  old school style of Korean artists and reminds me with reggae hairstyle as well. Maybe their concept is very unique among the other K-POP groups, but still cannot reach my expectation. Bad line distributions, good (but not that great) music video, and guess what.. Finally, what we’ve been waiting for… JOHNNY! He made it to debut with NCT this year, but when will Hansol time come? Even Ten is still not in NCT 127, Mark? Well he’s so amazing that he can manage to perform one at a time with NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT Dream! He suits all the SM concepts, Mark is SM’s ace now.



In the rough version of Limitless music video, you will feel like you’re watching an old action movie (with that bad video quality tho LOL)


This video looks preferable to watch, you can see their marvelous dance moves, with good quality certainly.


I’m so proud that they got so many awards as a rookie, I hope NCT can continue the success of their sunbaes (TVXQ, SUPER JUNIOR, SHINee, EXO). The awards that they had won in 2016 are:

  1. “New Star Award” – ASIA MODEL AWARDS (NCT U)
  2. “Best Rookie Award” – ASIA ARTIST AWARDS (NCT 127)
  3. “Best New Artist (Male Group)” – MNET ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS/MAMA (NCT127)
  4. “Best Rising Star (Boy Group)” – SIMPLY K-POP AWARDS

Members of NCT 127 that join in this comeback: Johnny, Taeil, Taeyong, Doyoung, Yuta, Jaehyun, Mark, Haechan and Winwin

Further Information: INSTAGRAM –> nct127




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