DAY6 Comeback: “I Wait”

        Back with new genre and new band formation, Day6 from JYP Entertainment launched a new song that pleasing our ears so much. After lm Junhyeok (Keyboardist) left the band, that doesn’t make Day6 back up from K-POP world.

  • DAY6 – I WAIT Music Video


    How do you think? Sounds like anime soundtrack? Then we have the same opinion! I like this song so much 🙂 🙂 They deserve the popularity like CNBlue and FTIsland

Lemme introduce you the member of DAY6

1.  PARK SUNG JIN –   Leader, Main Vocalist, and Rhythm Guitarist


2.  JAE/  PARK JAE-HYUNG  –  Lead Guitarist, Vocalist, and Rapper


3.  YOUNG  K/ KANG YOUNG-HYUN  –  Bassist, Vocalist, and Rapper


4.  KIM WONPIL  –  Synthesizer, Keyboard, and Vocalist


5.  YOON DOWOON  –  Drummer



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