Produce 101 Season 2 Boys


It’s time to pick another idol candidate for Produce 101, MNet has continued their famous survival show to make another temporary idol group. Every trainees from various agency are fighting for top 11 ranks to debut under CJ E&M Entertainment for a year. The big three (SM, JYP, YG) didn’t send their trainee to this show. But, the subsidiary of YG company, YG K+ (modelling entertainment) sent 4 of their models to this show, I wonder what talent can these models show in this boy group-making show. Besides YG K+, there are CUBE Ent, Fantagio, FNC Ent, Jellyfish Ent, Pledis Ent, Starship Ent, etc that sent their amazing trainees to Produce 101 season 2. But there’s a heartbreaking moment of this show, which Pledis Ent sent NUEST members to this show, because of their poor popularity. Pledis has failed to manage them to be popular like SEVENTEEN, and NUEST members have to appear in PRODUCE 101 as trainees again. I’m so disappointed with this season’s voting system, only Korean National Producers can vote for this show.

“When we first met the 101 trainees, we asked this question, ‘What does being a trainee mean to you?’. One trainee answered, ‘It’s like rocking waves’. One said, ‘It was like riding an elevator with no buttons, you don’t know when you’ll get down.’ Another said, ‘It’s like walking towards mirage, you think you reach it but you don’t’, ‘A thread of hope’, ‘A phrase that I hope would dissapear in front of me.’ ” – BoA in Produce 101 prolog

PRODUCE 101 Season 2 – PICK ME


The host and trainee coach of this season is amazing as well, BoA is the host and the same trainer as the previous season are Kahi (former leader of After school, dance trainer) and and Cheetah (Rap trainer). Also there are Lee Seok Hoon (vocal trainee, ballad singer), Shin Yoo Mi (vocal trainer of YG and JYP), Kwon Jae Seung (Boy groups Dance trainer) and Don Mil (Rap Trainer)



Many trainees are introduced in this opening episode, they’re looking for attention to get spotlight in this show and hoping that they can get many votes from national producers. Every trainee is a pride of their company. I can noticed Hong Eunki who’s brave enough to took seat at 1st rank (center’s seat), but then he’s pushed away from that seat by FNC trainee Yoo Hwiseung and Eunki just gave up without even defend his seat. After Hwiseung got his 1st seat, another trainee (independent, doesn’t belong to any company) challenge him with arm wrestling but he can manage to maintain his position, but not for long. The famous Jang Moon Bok took an attempt to replace him on that seat.

VOTING RANK: Park Ji Hoon > Jang Moon Bok > Lee Dae Hwi > Joo Hak Nyeon > Bae Jin Young > Arredondo Samuel > Ahn Hyeong Seop > Ong Seung Wu > Lee Eui Woong > Lai Kuan Lin > Hwang Min Hyun



The audition performances continued as many amazing trainees appear. My favorite performances are from Brand New Music’s trainees, Ong Seong Wu (Fantagio Ent), Kim Samuel (Brave Ent), the guys who’s not under any entertainment were good as well. Turned out only 7 trainees that got into Grade A group, and 31 in Grade F group. Whatta big gap right? But that grade won’t last forever, they would have to dance and sing with the new “Pick Me” song in reevaluation to decide whether they would stay in their grade, or even go up/down grade. Many trainees were having bad times with these training session.


VOTING RANK: 1.Park Ji Hoon 2.Arredondo Samuel  3. Lee Dae Hwi  4.Ong Seung Wu 5.Jang Moon Bok  6. Lai Kuan Lin  7. Ahn Hyeong Seop  8.Joo Hak Nyeon   9. Hwang Min Hyun  10. Lee Eui Woong  11. Kim Jong Hyun



Finally, this episode was about their struggle to get that “center” position. Few trainees could manage to upgrade their level to A and got chance to became center. In the end, Lee Dae Hwi and Lee Woo Jin were the candidates, and Dae Hwi was the winner! I felt so bad watching the F trainees who didn’t even perform in the stage, they cried and bewailing their fate. But after the trainees were polished and perform “Pick Me” on stage, each of them radiated their charisma.

*anyway I ship Kang Daniel and Lee Woo Jin’s hyung-dongsaeng relationship. They’re so cute, Daniel seemed to took care of Woo Jin so much. If I were Daniel, I couldn’t resist Woo Jin’s cuteness as well.

The trainees started their second mission, which would be group performances in front of live audience. 16 teams will compete to perform:

1.Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry  2. Shinee‘s “Replay  3. 2PM‘s “10 out of 10”  4.B2ST (now known as Highlight)‘s “Shock”  5.Infinite‘s “Be Mine”  6.EXO‘s “Call Me Baby”  7. BTS‘s “Boy in Luv  8.Seventeen‘s “Mansae

VOTING RANK: 1.Park Ji Hoon  2. Lee Dae Hwi  3. Arredondo Samuel  4. Ong Seong Wu  5. Ahn Hyeong Seop  6. Jok Hak Nyeon  7. Lai Kuan Lin  8. Jang Moon Bok  9. Yoon Ji Seong  10. Bae Jin Young 11. Jung Se-woon

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