Produce 101 Season 2 Boys Final Result! WANNA ONE (Episode 11)

I know you’ve been worried in the past months because of the Produce 101’s boys (so have I). Finally after 4 months, MNet would launched their new group. The airing show began with “Nayana” performance by all 101 trainees.

PRODUCE 101 SEASON 2 – “It’s Me (Naya Na)”


After that, our Nation Producer’s Representative, BoA opened the show. BoA explained about the voting system. One text vote, equals to seven online votes. With one phone number, only vote for just one trainee. The internet text and text from other countries besides South Korea, would not be counted. So the national producers should remember the text number. Only the trainees’ number and correct characters of the names will be accepted. Then BoA announced the final debut group name would be… “WANNA ONE” (maybe because the pronunciation’s similarity with 101, and also Nation Producers and the Top 11 boys together as One). FYI, so happy that the IOI members were present (except Kim Sejeong and Choi Yoojung).



The show continued with the last debut evaluation performance of the 1st group with “Super Hot” song, and the 2nd group with “Hands on Me” song. But before that, the training team and classes were showed. Super Hot team got the first attempt to show their vocal and rap first. Jonghyun (ma bae <3) became the leader of team 1. They got the coaches’ praises. Team 2 (with Sungwoo as the leader) was also praised by the coaches. They could bring the sexiness of the song. All of the members got the chance to show their vocal and dance to determine the group’s center by recording their video as the group center and the center was chosen by the group’s voting.




SUPER HOT – TEAM 1 (Seongwoon, Jonghyun, Samuel, Guanlin, Minki, Dongho, Hyeongseop, Daehwi, Youngmin, Seonho). Center = Ha Seongwoon


HANDS ON ME – TEAM 2 (Jinyoung, Seongwoo, Daniel, Sewoon, Minhyun, Haknyeon, Jisung, Jihoon, Jaehwan, Woojin). Center = Bae Jinyoung


Anyway before the team 2 performance, MNet showed the current ranking at that time from 11th to 14th (I still don’t know what their intention to do this was, but I don’t like that). From 11th to 14th they were Sewoon, Jisung, Jinyoung and Daehwi. They also showed the current 11th ranking after Team 2’s performance which was Hwang Minhyun.

Then the 20 trainees perform a ballad song “Always”. They were so good singing this song, few of them cried while singing the song. I was so sad seeing them performing together in this episode, knowing that from 20 trainees, the 9 trainees weren’t chosen.

PRODUCE 101 Boys – Always


After all the performances had been showed, back to the moment when they were gathered in a room, talking about their first time coming to the show, their previous performances, and got a surprise from MNet. Their audition videos were played and they were hilarious and funny. They were so ashamed by their past. All of them were laughing together until their video letter to their parents from 100 days ago was showed. I’m so sad with the fact that Daehwi and Haknyeon’s dad had passed away. It was the saddest video. Turned out that their videos were given to each of their parents before the show and their parents replied their letter by video as well except Joo Haknyeon & Lee Daehwi’s mom and Lai Guanlin’s family because… they came to visit them! The atmosphere became touching yet happy.




Now, the most important part…. the voting result!! I cried a lot from the letters to parent’s part until the result’s part.. the result? you will know what was the reason.

1. Kang Daniel (MMO Entertainment)


2. Park Jihoon (Maroo Entertainment) 


3. Lee Dae Hwi (Brand New Music) 


4. Kim Jaehwan 


5. Ong Seongwoo (Fantagio Entertainment)


6. Park Woojin (Brand New Music)


7. Lai Guan lin (Cube Entertainment) 


8. Yoon Jisung (MMO Entertainment) 


9. Hwang Minhyun (Pledis Entertainment) 


10.  Bae Jinyoung (C9 Entertainment) 


11. HA SUNGWOON (Ardor & Able Entertainment)


How do you think about the result? 🙂 I was sad for few days after the show. Because my bias, Samuel and Jonghyun didn’t make it to the Top 11. I’m cheering myself up until now, It’s okay. All of them deserve to debut in Wanna One… I’m glad that Daniel, Seongwoo, Guan Lin, and Minhyun become the Wanna One boys. Let’s keep supporting the other boys like Haknyeon, Sewoon, Dongho, Minki, Hyeongseop, Youngmin, Seonho, and the other 81 boys who didn’t make it to the top 11, hope they will succeed in their own path to become an idol 🙂


*After this post, I will rarely post the KPOP updates, because this July I have to focus on my study as medical student. I have to survive on my clinical years in few hospitals as doctors’ co assistant for 2 years ahead. (so sad to be far away from KPOP world for that long) Wish me luck for my clinical years and get a good GPA 🙂



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