Blackpink’s Revolution with DDu Du DDu Du : 1st Mini Album!

Anyyeong chingudeuul! I’m so excited these days because Blackpink back in our area and they came up with their new 1st physical mini album: SQUARE UP! 😀 Jenchulichaeng got the BLINKs going crazy for their comeback after 1 year of hiatus. Have you seen the video? That “shooting gun” dance move is so popular now….

BLACKPINK 2nd Comeback! : As If It’s Your Last

Annyeong BLINKs! Your faves were back with their Square Three, As If It’s Your Last (Majimakcheoreom) this June and I’m so excited about this! ❤ This song reminds me to 2NE1 a lot, YG and Teddy always gives us his great music, and I love this song so much even although not as much as…


Blackpink back in your area! Yeay, I anticipated their comeback so much though it’s only for about 2 months but their appearance is everything for me. YG released 2 new songs; Playing with Fire & Stay. Those songs sounds less hip-hop but there’s so much feels. The instruments, dance, music video, their new hair color….

Welcoming YG’s New Girl Group: BLACK PINK!

People (especially YG’s stan) has been so tired of the rumor and the statement from YG Entertainment about this new girl group or “The Next 2NE1” they said. Previously it is said that BLACK PINK will debut on last July, but in fact they debut on August 8th 2016. From the information that I got,…